Robots for Polar Bears: Straydogbot #5

$ 30.00

Trouble-free peewee man-made companion animal improves any desk or shelf. Each Straydogbot is one of a kind, assembled entirely from reclaimed materials by Florida artist Matthew Murnane.

Straydogbots, available exclusively from Polar Bear Garage Sale,

  • resist climate change by reducing waste, giving new life to cast-off materials
  • help raise money for polar bears: 30% of all profits from Polar Bear Garage Sale go to support the preservation of polar bears in the wild
  • instantly upgrade any small space


Please do note that these are not toys, and NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN; Straydogbots are small sculptures, individually hand-crafted, intended only to spiff up your space.

Ships in planet-friendly packaging, anywhere in the US for $3.

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