About Us

Polar Bear Garage Sale is a small online store.

It is also one person's effort to aid in the struggle, already well underway, to secure the future of polar bears in the wild.

How can Polar Bear Garage Sale help the polar bear?  Here is the five-part plan:

(1) Reduce toxic pollution--a significant and rising threat to polar bears--by offering earth-friendly alternatives. PBGS signature products--Polar Bear Protector dog collars and Green Shirts for Polar Bears--are made of sustainable natural fibers grown free of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  Green Shirts are printed with nontoxic water-based inks in a US plant powered by wind.  

(2) Use product designs to bring the plight of polar bears--and the real possibility of saving their future--into conversation wherever the products go.

(3) Support green enterprise by securing all necessary goods and services from companies whose everyday practices drive toward a healthier planet--for polar bears and everybody else.

(4) Advocate for polar bears, calling attention to their inestimable value, to their peril and to the efforts underway to protect them.

(5) Donate 30% of profits directly to support the preservation of wild polar bears in their natural habitat.

 PBGS operates out of one room in the home I share with my husband in Jacksonville, Florida.   I started it because I believe human activity has brought the long term survival of polar bears starkly into question.  I believe what we do now, in the face of toxic pollution and climate change --our failure to act or our action--will decide the polar bear’s fate.  In this, their future and our own is at stake.  I believe we can save the bears, save the planet and save ourselves.