New Corduroy Polar Bear Protector Collars in Hemp/Organic Cotton

$ 16.00

Because Polar Bear Protector dogs come in every size, our new line of corduroy collars and leashes fits pups from mighty little to mighty big.
Warm and fuzzy corduroy is soft and comfortable from day one--and THIS corduroy--made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton--is good for the planet and good for your pet.  Hemp and organic cotton, grown without poisonous agricultural chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, are naturally hypoallergenic: great news for itchy dogs. 
Hand-made in the US in four colors--pink, gold, green, and purple--these adjustable corduroy collars are available in 5 sizes:
XS     1/2 inch wide     fits 6"-10"
S       3/4 inch wide     fits 8"-14"                                 
M      3/4 inch wide     fits 12"-20"
L          1 inch wide     fits 15"-26"
XL        1 inch wide     fits 20"-30"
Durable and machine-washable, because dogs . . .
Soft, won't rub or cause hot spots as synthetic collars often do.
With rust-proof D-ring and contoured quick-release buckle.
Mails in sustainable packaging, anywhere in the US for $3.
Read here about how your purchase of a Polar Bear Protector collar or leash does good for your pet, for polar bears and for the planet.