Polar Bear Protector green hemp dog collars and leashes

Your purchase of a Polar Bear Protector dog collar or leash is good for your pet, good for the earth, and good for polar bears.

The Polar Bear Protector collar tells the world about your pet's heroic inner dog-- and the collar speaks the truth. The dog who wears it helps protect polar bears in two ways.  He helps reduce toxic pollution, a significant and rising threat to polar bear survival.  The Polar Bear Protector dog wears planet-friendly hemp, a sustainable natural fiber grown entirely free of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. 


Polar Bear Garage Sale donates 30% of profits to support polar bear preservation. Every dog in a Polar Bear Protector collar is helping.


The Polar Bear Protector collar, handmade in the US, provides your dog not only uncommon style, but exceptional comfort.  Even itchy dogs enjoy the pleasant feel of hypoallergenic hemp, a durable and machine-washable material that grows softer to the touch with wear.  




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