Polar Bear Protector green hemp dog collar

$ 21.00

Dude up your dog with a Polar Bear Protector collar. Recognize his heroic inner beast. Wrap him in eco-friendly comfort, and step up his style. Make him a Polar Bear Protector dog.

Put your pet in sustainable natural hemp, a pleasure to touch, immediately comfortable. Soft and strong, woven hemp gets even more supple with wear. Grown free of toxic agricultural chemicals, hemp is naturally hypoallergenic: Polar Bear Protector collars are kind to itchy dogs.

Buy your pup a Polar Bear Protector collar and make him a genuine protector of giant bears.  Polar Bear Garage Sale donates 30% of all profits to help secure a future for polar bears in the wild.  Every dog wearing a Protector collar is helping. 

Durable and machine-washable, with rust-proof d-ring and contoured quick-release buckles. 

    Hand-made in the US of planet-friendly hemp, in symbolic green.
    Adjustable collar in 3 sizes: S (8-14")  M (14-20")  L (18-26")

    Mails in sustainable packaging, anywhere in the US for $3.
    Available only from Polar Bear Garage Sale.

    Find the leash that matches your dog's new collar

    Read more here about how your purchase of Polar Bear Protector gear is good for your pet, good for the planet, and good for polar bears.

     Dog tested and approved by

    beautiful Polar Bear Protector dog Phrieda





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