Polar Bear Protector green hemp dog collar

$ 19.00

When you buy a Polar Bear Protector collar or leash, you do a solid for your dog, for polar bears, and for the planet.

With a single purchase, you provide your pet

  • uncommon style:  distinctive Polar Bear Protector design.
  • exceptional comfort:  hypoallergenic hemp, pleasant-feeling even to itchy dogs, grows softer to the touch with wear.
  • new status as a protector of giant bears:  enlists your pet as a champion, resisting toxic pollution and raising money for polar bear preservation.
  • recognition for his heroic inner dog.

With the same purchase, you do various kinds of other good:

  • you support eco-friendly agriculture.  Hemp is grown without adding poisons to our soil, air, or water--important because toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers are already globally dispersed.
  • you choose a sustainable natural fiber.  Ordinary dog collars are made of nylon, a synthetic polymer derived from petroleum.
  • you help polar bears two ways:  You say no to toxic pollution, now piling on climate change to threaten the long-term survival of polar bears. You help raise money to save polar bears in the wild.  Polar Bear Garage Sale donates 30% of profits to this cause

Hand-made in the US of planet-friendly hemp, in symbolic green.
Durable and machine-washable, with contoured quick-release hardware.
Adjustable collar in 3 sizes: S (8-14")  M (14-20")  L (18-26")
Mails in sustainable packaging, anywhere in the US for $3.
Polar Bear Garage Sale signature product.


 Dog tested and approved by

beautiful Polar Bear Protector dog Phrieda





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