Polar Bear Protector green hemp leash

$ 22.00

The Polar Bear Protector green hemp leash looks great with our signature original Polar Bear Protector collar--and feels great in your hand.  Naturally hypoallergenic.  Made by hand in the US of durable, planet-friendly natural hemp. Machine-washable.  Equipped with a top-quality snaphook, secure and easy to use.

Now available as a 2-foot closeup or city leash, to keep your pet safely at your side in traffic or on crowded city streets.

Makes your dog an actual protector of struggling polar bears: Polar Bear Garage Sale donates 30% of profits to this cause.  Every dog using Polar Bear Protector gear is helping

In symbolic green--because Polar Bear Garage signature products are all designed to help limit toxic pollution, a significant and rising threat to polar bears).   

Available in 3 lengths:   2-foot leash: $22.  4-foot leash:  $23.   6-foot leash:  $27.

Find the Polar Bear Protector collar that matches your pet's new leash

Or consider a Polar Bear Protector step-in green hemp harness 


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