Polar Bear Protector green hemp step-in harness

$ 33.00



Your dog will love the feel of this harness.  Eco-friendly green hemp, immediately comfortable and pleasant to the touch, grows even more supple with use.  Naturally hypoallergenic, woven hemp is a friend to itchy dogs. 

Surprising, sustainable hemp webbing is also handsome, long-wearing and strong. 

Easy step-in design makes it a cinch to get this harness on your dog: just put one front paw through each opening, draw the harness up around your pet's body, and clasp on top. 

Made in the US of 1" wide green hemp webbing to match our Polar Bear Protector collars and leashes, the Polar Bear Protector step-in harness comes in three sizes. To find the size best for your pet, find his chest girth: measure around his ribcage, just behind his front legs.

Size S fits chest girths 16" to 22"

Size M fits chest girths 20" to 32"

Size L fits chest girths 26" to 42"

Good for the Planet: sustainable natural hemp is grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other toxic chemicals. 

Good for the Polar Bears: 30% of all Polar Bear Garage Sale profits go to help secure a future for polar bears in the wild.

Good for Your Excellent Dog: good-looking and decidedly comfy from day one.  

And Convenient for You:  Step-in design is easy-on, easy off.   Harness is machine washable.

Available for $33 to $41, according to size.

Ships in planet-friendly packaging, anywhere in the US for $3.

Find the Polar Bear Protector leash that matches your pet's new harness

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